MX Trouser

スピードフリークとビンテージモトクロスが人馬一体となり引き立てあうことをコンセプトに、レースで得た経験・思考をもとに進化し続けるMX Trouser。

Speed freak and experience, MX Trouser which continues evolving based on a thought which got that vintage motocross could become more attractive in a race in a concept. As a result of having considered the heat by the intense race run and the much sweat, they keep strength of constitution and balance of the comfort by adopting a canvas material of the light ounce and knee circumference and Pad of the side are real specifications to protect easiness of movement and repulsion from the shock at the time of the fall using compatible urethane material. I wear it and have a feeling and easiness of movement by the cutting to continue from the hips served with two folds to a knee softening abrasion and the shock to the aspect that there is much movement, and piling up the details development of the pattern. Surely it is certain that it becomes the special game clothes of the day.

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Dirt Trouser

ビンテージモトクロスレースを主体とした本格仕様のMX Trouserに比べ、よりライトに仕立て、軽快にコーディネートしやすい仕様のDirt Trouser。
MX Trouserのパターンをタイトにアレンジし、素材は同様の10オンスダック、脇下のパテッド及びサイドのカラーを排除し、 ディティールを限りなくシンプルに仕立てながらも、ジッパー明きのらしさを醸し出すポケットがアクセントに、 膝から裾まで続くダイヤステッチのパテッドがデザインポイントになるモデルです。 本格的にスピードを求めずビンテージレースの雰囲気を味わう程度の方や、 オフロードのダート遊びに履き回しされたい方に、お勧めのDirt Trouserです。

Dirt Trouser of the specifications that I prepare it to a light more in comparison with MX Trouser of the real specifications mainly composed of vintage motocross races and am easy to coordinate lightly. Arrange a pattern of MX Trouser tightly; of 10 ounces of ducks which is similar as for the material, side bottom Pad of the diamond stitch that a pocket bringing on the quality of the zipper space follows an accent from a knee to a hem is the model that it is at the design point while removing the color of Pad and the side, and being limitlessly simple, and preparing the details. In the vintage race which wears it, and turns it to the dirt course play of and the off-road of the degree to taste an atmosphere, and wants to be done, it is recommended Dirt Trouser without finding speed in earnest.

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